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Jessica Hooten Wilson

Book Reviews

Poetry with the Power to Rescue Us

A new collection of poems from Brett Foster helps us see lost goods, neglected beauties, and forgotten truths. Brett Foster and I had planned to meet for dinner on November 14, 2015; instead, I attended his funeral. I had not heard back from him in weeks…
April 18, 2020
Articles & Essays

Encountering Dostoevsky

Fyodor Dostoevsky was arrested, led to a platform, tied to a stake, and blindfolded before a firing squad. As his biographer Joseph Frank describes the scene: “A cart with coffins could be seen on the side, and a priest came carrying a cross, which they…
February 20, 2020
Articles & Essays

All This Useless Beauty

Of the three Transcendentals (truth, goodness, beauty), beauty is the first to become suspect, the first to get called out as useless, the first to be subjectivized. What is the point of enrolling in an art-photography class other than to indulge your own self-expression, or,…
January 21, 2020