Upcoming Events

  • January 3rd: at Hill Country Christian School, Austin TX
  • January 27-29: Well Read Moms Tenth Anniversary Event, Minnesota
  • February 24-26: SLOCA Northern California
  • March 1-12: Union University Scholar in Residence, TN
  • March 18: Trinity Forum, online, 12:30pm CST/1:30pm EST, Reading for Regeneration with Claude Atcho
  • March 23-25: Laity Lodge, Duke Theology & Arts Initiative
  • April 7: Fayetteville Public Library, 6 pm to 7pm “The Scandal of Holiness: Renewing Your Imagination in the Company of Literary Saints”.
  • April 15: 1:00 ET/12:00 CST Coaching Call with Society for Classical Learning: Zoom session on how to prioritize imagination in churches and classrooms
  • April 20: 7:00 PM CST Bluestocking Salon with Society for Women of Letters on The Scandal of Holiness. Register here!
  • April 28: Cowan Archives Lecture, University of Dallas, TX Should Saints Read Novels? FREE and open to the public—please come and meet me! I’d love it!
  • April 29: All Saints Church in Dallas: Gospel Conversations. Why are we drawn to good stories and beautiful pieces of art? Does God care about our imaginations? Let’s explore these questions together
  • May 19: Commencement Speaker, Covenant Classical School, TX
  • June 2-4: Commencement Speaker, Veritas Academy, VA
  • June 15-17: Society of Classical Learning Conference, Dallas, TX
  • July 13-14: Circe National Conference, Charleston, SC
  • July 28-August 3: C.S. Lewis Oxbridge Conference, UK
  • September 30-October 1: Catholic Imagination Conference, Sept 30-Oct 1 at the University of Dallas