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Harrison Scott Key’s latest book gives a tragi-comic take on the Christian humility required to stay married.

“The Idolatry Of Truth” Real Clear Politics (2023).

“Lee Oser marks out the symptom of a sick culture as that which “gives no shelter for cultivating the mind because it has no interest in non-utilitarian activity.” He decries the culture that tears down a wall “between the contemplative and active life,” for without a “refuge for reflection,” people are unable to dialogue with one another or within themselves. In part, Oser is correct: one can spot an ill society by its reliance on utilitarianism. Yet, overconfidence in the philosophical, lofty, and beautiful also shows spots of an unhealthy people. For there is no wall between the contemplative and active life—it is this very illusion of a wall that has segregated the two enterprises and made people choose unnecessarily between contemplation and action. Whereas, the contemplative life should feed the active, and a rightly-directed active life leads one to long for deeper contemplation.”

“Let us, in heaven’s name, drag out the divine drama from under the dreadful accumulation of slipshod thinking and trashy sentiment.”

“To Labor is to Love” Comment (May 2023).

“Books Open Windows into Holiness” Christianity Today (March 2022).

“Universities Have Forgotten Their Purpose” James G. Martin Center for Academic Renewal (Dec 2021)

“From a Consumerist Death, Deliver Us O Lord” Church Life Journal (April 2020)

 “Bringing Forth Lazarus” The Christian Century (March 2020)

“Encountering Dostoevsky” Law and Liberty (February 2020)

“What to do if School Bores You,” Intercollegiate Review (October 2019)

 “Why We Need Poetic Imagination” in The Gospel Coalition, which was also translated into Chinese (June 2019)