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Listen to the dialogue between author, scholar, and professor, Dr. Jessica Hooten Wilson, and other professors, theologians, priests, Russian Novel enthusiasts, and Flannery O’Connor connoisseurs as they host her on their podcast!

Dr. Jessica Hooten Wilson takes us on a deep dive into the power of great literature to form us spiritually. We focus our conversation on her new book The Scandal of Holiness: Renewing Your Imagination in the Company of Literary Saints (Brazos Press).

Clearly, Jessica is a gifted scholar, and a thoughtful and reflective Christian. I was very excited to get a chance to meet her and talk to her, in part, because I’m really interested in her new book exploring the theme of holiness and imagination in literature. But those of you who know me know I’m a little bit of a literature geek. And so, I was excited to get a chance to talk to her about the many connections between literature and faith, and why it’s important for both Christian students, and Christian believers of all ages, to be good readers and to be wrestling with the best of literature and poetry.

This episode features Jessica Wilson’s talk at the 2021 Higher Ed Summit.  Jessica Wilson is a professor, author, and speaker. She is also a Louise Cowan Scholar in Residence at the University of Dallas in the Classical Education and Humanities Graduate Program.

With the tragic death of British Catholic politician Sir David Amess, Dr. Grazie Christie goes across the pond to get the latest in London with TV host and author Kevin Turley. Turley also offers insights into the recent conversion of prominent former Anglican bishop Michael Nazir-Ali. TCA colleague Leigh Snead joins Grazie as we also welcome author and Professor Jessica Hooten Wilson calling us to renew our “Imagination in the Company of Literary Saints.” Father Roger Landry also offers an inspiring homily for this Sunday’s Gospel.