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When Great Writers Wrestle with Faith

Why have so many modern novelists and poets chased after (and fled from) God? The metaphors we use in given situations show us more about our assumptions than we often realize. In politics, we speak of the “arena,” our “opponents,” or even “battle lines.” Our…
January 10, 2019
Book Reviews

The Truth about Happiness

As an undergraduate I read Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics for the first time. Sitting in the metal desk with its foldable table, my pen ready, my book open, and a fresh page in my spiral notebook, I was prepared to glean wisdom from my professor on this classic…

Interview with the Deep South Magazine

Reading Walker Percy on the Beach by Erin Z. Bass An interview with Jessica Hooten Wilson about her new book Reading Walker Percy’s Novels, a companion guide to the intellectual Southern writer.  Louisiana writer Walker Percy considered novels the strongest tool with which to popularize great…