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If you wonder about the importance of the humanities in Christian Higher Education, watch this conversation between Andy Crouch and I. Andy and I discussed ways we might innovate to increase the love of liberal arts from children to adults.

It doesn’t really matter if you are a Christian or not, you are living in Mammons empire today, just like the early Christians were living in Ceasar’s empire. And they had to figure out how to deal with it.

Andy Crouch

Liberal arts don’t fit in paradigm of how to quantify what it is they’re doing. The more pressure there is to quanitfy and then they can’t justify their exsistence based on this quantification that shouldn’t belong to them, then the program is cut. If we are going to save them, we have to jump outside of the problem-solution and go back to why the programs are there.

Jessica Hooten Wilson

There is a set of answers of how to make your way in this technological, Mammon-driven world that says, well, you may want to major in business or engineering. You might want to acquire a skill that someone will pay you for. When you frame it that way, it doesn’t sound like reading Flannery O’Connor will get you there.

Andy Crouch

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  • Christopher says:

    Just heard Thinking Outside the Box with Andy Crouch. This may be a catalyst to deepen my exposure to liberal arts. I’ve focused my education on sciences – mathematics, physics, astronomy. But I acknowledge my perspective is blinkered with limited exposure to the humanities – literature, arts, history, philosophy.
    Earlier I listened to Jessica’s dialogue in Word on Fire – Christianity and the Crisis on the Universities. Pleasing to hear ways you are entwining Chrisianity and liberal arts especially prayer at start of class and poetry to end a class.

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