Articles and Reviews


“Simone Weil’s Christian Approach to Education.” James G. Martin Center for Academic Renewal, Feb 1, 2019

“In Praise of Useless Reading” The Gospel Coalition, Jan 25, 2019

“The Virtues of On Reading Well,” Law and Liberty, October 12, 2018

“3 Dangerous Philosophical Novels” Intercollegiate Review, Fall 2018

“Living as an Ex-Suicide,” Law and Liberty, June 15, 2018

“10 Books Every College Student Should Read”
Intercollegiate Review 
(January 2018)


“Willing to Suffer.”
Fathom Magazine
(October 2017)

“Flannery O’Connor’s Demonic Characters Bear Witness to Christ.”
The Christian Century
(September 2017)

“The Truth Without Slant.”
Dappled Things
(September 2017)

“What Flannery O’Connor’s Timeless Stories Reveal about American Politics Today.”
Intercollegiate Review
(July 2017)

“Walker Percy Under the Influence”
Intercollegiate Review
(June 26, 2017)

“Why Study the Dinosaurs?”
Intercollegiate Review
(May 2017)

“Scandalized Reading.”
Fathom Magazine
(February 8, 2017)

“Of the Devil’s Party?: Milton and ‘epic to end all epics.'”
Books and Culture
(Jan/Feb 2015)

“God at Ground Zero: On “hidden’ faith.”
Books and Culture
(Sept/Oct 2016)

“Briefly Noted”
First Things
(August 2016)

“Five Books Every American Should Read.”

Intercollegiate Studies Institute Blog
(July 2011)